Interview: Rachael Carter founder of SOHO WINE CO

JJ McConnachie

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I understand big things have been happening for SOHO WINE CO?

It's been so exciting. We started in 2009 with a small team, and suddenly I'm finding that export markets are coming to us - we don't have to go out hunting them. We've landed a big export to the U.S.A, across fifty states and have also been picked up in the U.K. Since then we've seen huge growth and hired new staff. We even have a staff shortage in Marlborough.

Branding is an essential part of wine marketing, how has your brand evolved since you started out?

Branding is distinct to the market, and we started in sich a crowded brand market that we wanted a point of difference. SOHO is a sexy wine brand, named after the person drinking it, around entertainment and fashion, as opposed to the environment, like a rock or a hill, like so many others.

What are your wine/food matching recommendations?

 - Havana pinot noir is the cross-dresser of grapes, and goes well with red or white meat. It's amazing with a steak fillet or fish.
 - Revolver wine is a big wine, and goes beautifully with lamb shanks.
 - Stella sauvignon blanc is limey and goes with a gorgeous butterfish.

Weather can play such a large part in a vintage, how are your nerves when you see detrimental weather?

Mother nature is always a risky game. When the weather is bad, [grape] prices go up, making it harder on exporters.

What innovations do you see playing a large part in the wine industry in the next 20 years?

I see huge growth. Sauvignon blanc is always a leader, but we are starting to get noticed with Chardonnay.

Where do you see the emerging markets for wine export?

Definitely Asia and Germany, which is where we'll be looking next.

Things seem to be looking up for SOHO. Where to from here? World-wide domination?

That's the one! We're actually adding a premium beer to the mix, and a French champagne!

Do you have any advice for a wine lover newbie?

Try lots of different wines. New Zealand wines are a good place to start, but don't limit yourself. Try overseas wines too. It's a little bit like food - very subjective - so go with the taste and smell and keep an open mind. Blind taste testing is another great way to learn what you do and do not like.

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  • mouena says
    best of luck for the future. wine is such a personal thing, i myself like a sav.
  • Nicole says
    Love Marlborough Sauv, this will defiantly be on my list to try.
  • KAZZA says
    I'm like a fish out of water without my wines......definitely will give SOHO a go!!!!! All the best SOHO WINE CO.....CHEERS :)
    • New Member says
      It's fitting time to make a few arrangements for the future and the time has come to be glad. I have perused this post and on the off chance that I might I be able to wish to recommend you few fascinating things or counsel. Maybe you could compose next articles alluding to this article. I longing to peruse much more things about it! Woman is Horny
    • Nanaimo says
      Well done Rachel, I really appreciate the love and care that you put into your very classy wines
    • Scottie says
      Hey Rachael try not to send it all overseas, let us Kiwi's try some too.
    • Jimi says
      I like your advice to "wine newbies". Try lots of diffent wines! Ok then I will :)
    • erenakelly says
      I'm always so inspired by women who are around my age and are kicking ass in a typically male-dominated realm. Go Rachel!
    • jewellnz says
      made very interesting reading, great to see someone doing so well in todays busines world with so much against them, with the recession times are tough, awesome job Rachel, you GO GIRL!! i wish soho all the best for the future
    • New Member says
      yum wines
    • Mellow says
      Rachael sounds like she is upon solid ground....... I would like to share a bottle or two with her. Soho for the Solo..
      • E Cooper says
        Jealous much on your success in the wine industry. Good on you. Unfortunetly I only know how to drink it lol

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