The Hummer

/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2Zhcm01LnN0YXRpYy5mbGlja3IuY29tLzQwOTQvNDc4MjMxODE3NF9mNmYxMWRlYWEwLmpwZw==The Hummer - Frozen Cocktail Recipe


2/3 Shot of coffee liqueur

2/3 Shot of light rum

2 scoops vanilla ice cream


Blend all at a low speed for a short length of time. Pour and serve.



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  • Lauren says
    Mmmm love coffee related things!
  • KH says
    I think this might be the yummiest sounding one I've read so far. I'd really like to try this.
  • Anna says
    omg yum... ice cream in one!!
  • Wice says
    No wonder they call these girlie drinks... more scrumptious dessert in a glass!
  • Dee-Dee says
    ...Yum I like it I like it alot!....and the alcohol part is not that!
  • Wice says
    Inspired by the above and all the gorgeous strawberries about now, I got out the vitamiser after dinner tonight and knocked up a big container of this yummy mix - looked a bit like the Hummer above!

    1 punnet fresh washed hulked strawberries
    Juice of one big tangelo
    2 tblspns honey
    200 ml rum (potent brew!)
    3 scoops of vanilla icecream
    8 ice cubes

    Place all ingredients in blender and whirr till smooth, pink and creamy. Pour into tall glasses.Sit back and smile! YumME!

  • Cheri says
    Yay this is a recipe i could def use to make my mum some cocktails this christmas day ~ thankyou! :) I got a new blender recently and have been loving using it for cooking/baking... hadnt got as far as cocktails so far... definately on my list now!! :)
  • New Member says
    Whatever you have provided for us in these posts really appreciative.

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