Sing You Home - Jodi Picoult - March 2011

Paula Phillips

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Impressive and True :)

Have you ever wanted something so bad that it has eventually become the obsession and purpose of your life and no matter what the consequences are , as long as there is an inkling of hope and faith, no matter how tiny they may be you will still go the distance to achieving that thing that you know you will hold dear and close to your heart ?

For Zoe and Max Baxter, all they had ever wanted was a family - a child to call their own, unfortunately it seemed that getting pregnant the natural way would never work for them , so they invested money, time and trips to IVF Clinics - the results ended up two miscarriages and nine years later a stillborn named Daniel.

It was having Daniel as a stillborn that pushed the couple over the line of their marriage as it was discovered in the tests that Zoe had a clotting disorder. Shortly after her diagnosis , she decided that it was time to try and have another baby, that decision was the final straw for Max as it was now for Zoe- a growing obsession to have a baby whereas Max no longer felt the need , he just wanted a wife to love him and spend eternity with her.

The arguments end up with Zoe and Max getting a divorce and further down the track we see the introduction of Vanessa - a high school counsellor into Zoe's life, the two become best of friends and eventually it turns into something much more - a relationship that leads to a civil union marriage.

Now this is where the story starts to pick up as at the IVF clinic, there are three embryos left of Max and Zoe's which Zoe could use to have another baby, though with Vanessa. Max with the encouragement of friends decides to sue for Custody of the Embryos and we read as a battle of the Embryos fights out in court.

However, somewhere along the line Max gives in and we discover a tidbit of Zoe's past which could indicate why she always wanted a child of her own. We witness Zoe becoming pregnant and this time carrying to full-term and delivering a sweet baby girl - Samantha.

Read Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult to discover what happened to Samantha and for a look at when the joy of pregnancy can eventually lead to obsession and the moment when having a baby turns from the best thing to the only thing that matters, reading Sing You Home you will be amazed at how thin that line really is and like always Jodi Picoult has done a fabulous job at tackling another tough issue that occurs in many of our lives

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  • Wice says
    Jodi Picoult is a great read. All her books generally follow a set formula but they are well researched and thought provoking. My husband bought me my first Picoult after the girl at Whitcouls recommended it. This was Salem Falls.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it and bought all the Picault books as they came out so that I once had the complete collection. They are easy reads and I t have loaned them to friends. Unfortunately, now I find that most of them have disappeared.

    I haven't read this one yet but I think I might wait for it to arrive at the library. Buying books is just costing me too much money!
  • Anna says
    have heard of her alot but never had a chance to read any of her books... will deff look into it though!!
  • Starlite5 says
    When I first saw the preview of this book title I thought perhaps it was something a little more sinister along the lines of Fatal Attraction but to read on to find out that it's about wanting to have a baby, I seen enough of that with friends to know the heartache they go through.

    When I got pregnant with my now 2 year old son, there were two other ladies working with me at the time going through IVF treatment. I must have started a trend because not long after that another co-worker got pregnant then another until there were four of us pregnant and then one of the IVF ladies got the joyous news that she was pregnant but alas her joy was short lived and she lost her baby just after her first trimester and the other lady was told after all the tests that she endured that she wasn't a good candidate for IVF.

    I felt so guilty that I was able to get pregnant so easily and these two were struggling but the beautiful thing is that although they were going through their own private hell they still shared in the joys of our immenint arrivals. I think the sisterhood bond that we had formed helped all of us and especially them accept the things that at the end of the day were just as they are.
  • Rosie says
    Wow, Picoult is an author who I wouldn't normally read, but after this review I'd definitely consider it.
    Now the question is to buy second hand or put on reserve at the library (all copies are out at the mo)

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