Watermelon Fruit Basket

For a dessert that’s packed with goodness, healthy for all the family and looks delicious then look no further than this gorgeous Watermelon Fruit Basket. Its contents can be tailored to meet your needs, so you can make sure it’s full of things that everybody loves!



For the fruit filling:


A variety of other fruits - like, Cantaloupe, Honeydew melon, Peaches, Grapes, Strawberries, Plums, Oranges, etc.

Tools: Serrated Knife, Melon Baller


© Denise Kappa | Dreamstime.com



- The process of making a fruit basket with watermelon starts with carving the watermelon.

- Take the knife and slice off a thin piece from the bottom of the watermelon.

- This will allow the watermelon basket to sit flat on the table without tumbling off. 

- Make some holes at the base of the watermelon. Normally, when fruits are placed in the watermelon basket, the liquid oozed out of them collect at the basket’s base, thereby making it soggy.

- The holes, thus, act as a drainage mechanism, letting the collected liquid drain off. Score the watermelon horizontally, in half.

- Now, take the serrated knife and cut around the watermelon lines.

- You can also give “V-cuts” to the handle and the melon borders to make it more attractive.

- Once the cutting is over, gently remove the cut sides from the body of the watermelon. 

- Next, taking the melon baller, gently scoop off the fleshy edible parts of the watermelon.

- Once done, scrape out the sides of your basket with a large spoon, to make it neater. 

- Now, mix the scooped watermelon balls with all other fruit fillings.

- Place the fruits in the basket. 

- Your watermelon fruit basket is ready. Place it on a plate and then serve it on the table to your guests.

- Follow these simple steps of making a fruit basket with watermelon and transform this simple fruit salad into an elegant fruit centerpiece.

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  • Anna says
    using the melon as a bowl makes it look way more interesting than just a normal bowl!!
    • KH says
      Yeah! I wouldn't have thought of doing that. Could be fun at a casual summer party.
    • Starlite5 says
      When I saw this picture it brought back such wonderful memories of when I was a child back in the seventies and most of our extended families from all over Auckland and some from up and down the country would literally camp at our house over the week of the New Years and we would hire a bus and with other vehicles would spend the days dancing , playing games and going to the beaches but one of my favourite things on the table at meal times was the watermelon bowls of fruit salad which looked so amazingly colourful . Yummy! with hokey pokey ice-cream absolutely divine!
    • beng says
      Can't wait for the watermelon to be in season and sell cheaper in the market. I love watermelon because its only water so it doesn't hurt to eat too much of it. The other fruits to be served in it are the extras for the 5 fruits a day.

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